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Welcome to Rise!

You have 3 steps to go until you're all set up!

1. Submit the form on this page to confirm your spot.
2. Register for your team and pay your first player fee instalment.
3. Get an Alberta Basketball Membership / renew. 
There is a $17 Membership fee. 
ALL players are required to be in good standing and hold a membership to participate

NOTE: Player Dress Code


To ensure a positive impression of the Rise Basketball Athletic program and its participants, all players on rosters must comply with the set dress code for practices, strength and conditioning sessions, games and tournaments. It is important that our athletes dress and look professional and represent the academy/club/team in proper team colours.


Acceptable dress code colours are:





Yellow / Gold

Players MUST wear shirts under their team game jerseys that are in accordance to the team colour code. Players wearing t-shirts other than the colours noted above will not play until proper clothing is worn or t-shirts under jerseys are removed.


Coaches reserve the right to remove players from games/practices/facility until players dress appropriately.


*Shoes and socks do not need to comply to dress code. Players are welcome to wear coloured shoes and socks outside of dress code colours. 

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