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The Rise Club Team season is our comprehensive competitive training program designed for players looking to gain premium on-court training with a focus on athletic development. Aimed to strengthen athletes mentally and physically, all teams work closely with ex-pro and certified strength and conditioning Coach Kelvin Dela Pena in collaboration with our qualified coaching staff.

The Club Team Program Delivers:

  • Weekly Team Practices,

  • Skills Training

  • Agility Training

  • Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning with Sport Performance Coach Kelvin Dela Pena

  • Tournaments and/or League Games (offered to certain age divisions)

  • IQ Development

  • Position specific focused drills

  • Team Gear Package

Players will experience a season of growth in all areas of their athletic development by focusing on working on their game in addition to playing games.


  • Tryouts are open to players between the ages  of 8 - 18 (Grade 4 - Grade 12)

  • Tryout Dates and Times will be announced via Newsletter (signup to receive updates!) and on Social Media Channels (Instagram & FB)

  • There is a tryout fee of $20

  • All players attending must bring their own basketballs.

  • Players will be evaluated and placed on a team appropriate to their skill level and age division.

  • Please note that cuts will be made after tryouts. Club teams attend and participate in highly competitive tournaments and leagues and everything from skill level, character, work ethic, IQ, athleticism and attitude towards teammates will be considered when players are selected. Players who do not make teams are highly encouraged to continue to work on their development by attending more camps and clinics.


Boys U10 - Grade 4 (ages 8-9)

Boys U11 - Grade 5 (ages 9-10)

Boys U12 - Grade 6 (ages 10-11)

Boys U13 - Grade 7 (ages 11-12)

Boys U14 - Grade 8 (ages 12-13)

Boys U15 - Grade 8 (ages 13-14)

Boys U16 - Grade 10 (ages 14-15)

Boys U17 - Grade 11 (ages 15-16)

Boys U18 - Grade 12

Girls U11 - Grade 5 (ages 9-10)

Girls U13 - Grade 7 (ages 11 - 12)

Girls U15 - Grade 8 (ages13 - 14)

Girls U17 - Grade 10/11

Girls U18 - Grade 12

Players are assessed and selected by Coaches.

To ensure the player is ready for this comprehensive Team training program we recommend the player have previous playing experience.


Regular Season Player fees cover: 

  • 2 - 3 x Week Training in Skills/Agility, Team Practices and Strength & Conditioning (depending on gym availability)

  • 3 Local Regular Season Team Tournament Entrance Fees (Calgary/Edmonton and surrounding area) 

    • Any additional tournaments the team wishes to enter will incur additional fees.

  • Team Gear Package

  • Practice Facility Booking Fee's March - June

Additional Season Player Fees

  • Player Team Uniform: Returning players with uniforms in good condition on teams that are not updating uniform styles may use their previous season uniform. The uniform must be free of stains and rips with numbers and club name clearly visible or we will require the player to purchase a new set.

  • Team League Fee's

There are no hidden or additional fees to Players Registered in the regular season program from March - June.


Additional Expenses

Parents Note: Players traveling to tournaments outside of Calgary which require overnight stay will have additional travel expenses that are not covered by player fees (Hotel, Gas, Car etc). Please also note that any additional Tournaments that Teams wish to enter past the noted number of regular season tournaments will be an additional cost to the team.

Club Teams (Non-TRAVEL TEAMS)

boys u10 / u11 

GIRLS u11 

Club Team Season Includes:

  • 2 - 3 Team Sessions / Week

    • Team Practices

    • Skill Development

    • Strength & Conditioning

  • 3 1/2 Month Season (March - June)

  • Agility Training

  • Sport specific Strength & Conditioning with Certified Sport Performance Coach Kelvin Dela Pena

  • Mobility & Injury Prevention Habits

  • IQ Development

  • 3 Tournaments*

  • Team Gear Package

  • Game Uniform



+ gst

Regular Season Player Fee

Player Fees will be due one week after making a team roster.

Payment options available.

boys  U12 / u13 / U14 /U15 / U16 / U17 / U18


Club Team Season Includes:

  • 3 - 4 Team Sessions / Week

    • Team Practices

    • Skill Development

    • Strength & Conditioning

  • 3 1/2 Month Season (March - June)

  • Agility Training

  • Sport specific Strength & Conditioning with Certified Sport Performance Coach Kelvin Dela Pena

  • Mobility & Injury Prevention Habits

  • IQ Development

  • 3 Regular Season Tournaments*

  • Scrimmage Games

  • Team Gear Package

  • Game Uniform

Regular Season Player Fee



+ gst

Player Fees will be due one week after making a team roster.

Payment options available.

Teams may have out of town tournaments scheduled to locations such as Edmonton, Red Deer, Olds, Kelowna BC, Saskatoon etc.

Please note

  • any out of town tournaments (outside of Calgary) will have additional travel costs that are not included/covered with player Regular Season fees.

  • Players/Parents traveling out of town to locations such as Edmonton, Red Deer, Olds etc. will be responsible for their own travel arrangements and travel expenses such as Hotel Accommodations (if any), Gas, Car rentals (if any), food allowance, etc.) as required for their child.

  • Team Tournament Entrance fee is the only expense covered by Player Regular Season Fees.

  • Players aged 15 and under MUST travel with a parent/legal guardian to out of town tournament locations or make arrangements with an adult attending.

ELITE (ALPHA) Travel Teams:

Regular season teams will be eligible to travel in July. Teams should place high in local tournaments and show readiness to take on out of province competition. Not all Regular Season Teams will be eligible to travel internationally. Teams will be assessed and evaluated. Teams having difficulties with local competition will not be eligible to travel. For a team to be confirmed for travel, there will need to be a minimum of 8 players confirming availability/commitment to travel to out of province tournaments.

All and any travel expenses (hotel, flights, gas, food etc) AND Team Tournament entry fee will be additional cost to player/parents/teams.

Team Fundraising activities will be organized and ALL PLAYERS AND FAMILIES traveling must participate.

Travel Destinations in the past have included Cana, USA & Asia



All players that make team rosters will be responsible for ensuring their Alberta Basketball Membership is up to date (Valid for 1 year).


All players MUST have their Alberta Basketball memberships before the first session of the season. Players who do not have their memberships will not be permitted to participated in practices or games until membership is attained. Player Insurance is included with your membership and is important all players have coverage before participating in any club programs.

Register for your Basketball Alberta Membership:




Player fees for the season may be paid in one of three options:

Option 1

Full Payment of Player Fees

  • Cash or Cheque Payment

  • Subject to 5% discount for payment of full fees

  • Please add GST to total

  • Make Cheque out to: Team Rise Collective Inc.

Option 2

50% / 25% / 25% Instalment Breakdown (3 month instalments)

  • Three Payment instalments provided via three Post Dated Cheques.


  • 50% paid of total fees to confirm team placement on month one.

  • 25% paid of remaining fee amount on month two

  • 25% paid of remaining fee amount on month three

  • All three post dated cheques must be submitted for accounting purposes. 

  • Please add GST to Totals

Option 3

For Families With Two or More Players on Rosters

  • We offer special payment installment arrangements for families with two or more players participating in a season. Please email us to further discuss these options available.



Players and parents will stay up to date with access to the Rise Up Hoops App for teams.

Included as part of the Player Club Team Package for the spring club season they are enrolled in.





Please Note:

  • Minors Under 18 years old require adult/parent consent before beginning programs.

  • Registration must be completed via Online Website.

  • Players MUST be fully registered PRIOR to attendance to program sessions. 

  • Player registration in ANY program is not considered complete until such time that payment in FULL is received (or other special arrangements have been organized)

  • Unless agreed upon prior to first session, NO CASH or CHEQUE PAYMENTS will be accepted. Please contact riseuphoops.athletes@gmail.com to inquire and request if special arrangements can be made.

  • Late registrations past the due date will be subject to a $85.00 additional fee.

Financial Assistance for Youth Sports: