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Tony Dela Cruz

PBA Professional Athlete (Present)​

Alaska Aces Team Captain​

Philippine National Team Member (2007)

" Kelvin Dela Pena is one of the hardest workers I have ever met. As his former teammate I can recall on a daily basis Kelvin being the first one in the gym and the last one to leave. His dedication on the court is remarkable. With his constant attention to detail in all aspects of basketball it is no wonder why Kelvin is a teacher of the game. I am sure any student under his tutelage will gain tremendously because of his patients, knowledge, and communication skills."

Christopher Viardo

Former Professional Basketball Athlete: 1st & 2nd Division ​​(Germany)

Former Teammate (Cebuana Lhuillier Moneymen - PBL) (Alaska Aces - PBA)

"I've known KC for quite a while now and I've had the pleasure to play alongside with him years in the philippines (PBL and PBA). Not only did we spend hours and hours in the gym trying to get an extra work-out in or put up more shots before practice, our friendship also grew beyong my expectations. ​​


He's the kind of player who is always looking for improvements, on and off the the basketball court. His strive to get better in every aspect of his game is a reflection of his basketball career in the Philippines so far. It's no coincidence that he's been chosen to receive the NCAA(Philippines) Rookie of the year(2005) and MVP(2007) awards and then turned pro for the Alaska Aces(PBA) in 2008. As a friend and teammate, I can say that if I weren't in Germany, I would love to support him on his mission to give back to the game. I know he will ​​​​hand down all of his knowledge about the game to every athlete he coaches."​​

Former Professional Basketball Athlete: 1st & 2nd Division ​​(Germany)

Former Teammate (Cebuana Lhuillier Moneymen - PBL) (Alaska Aces - PBA)

Sudan Daniels

Two Time NCAA Champion

NCAA MVP, Defensive Player of the year

"I first got a glimpse of who Kelvin was when he was playing in college (NCAA). From  then I knew he had a one of a kind passion for what he did; pride and character I hope to obtain myself one day. I enjoyed watching him play the game and actually succeed and gain great accolades such as NCAA MVP.

He has given me amazing advice that I later carried in my heart towards earning season MVP myself. I feel he didn't have to share certain information and advice with me, yet he did. He has his heart set on giving back in anyway he can and I'm grateful to have met and befriended him. I feel he has a lot of wisdom among other things and he can really give back to the youth. A man with his character is rare, he's definitely someone you want your son to take after. I wish him the best of luck in life."

Job Janda

I started playing with Rise in the springtime of grade 8 (2016) and played with the program all the way up to my senior year of High School (2020). Rise Up Hoops helped me grow both as a basketball player and as an individual by helping me with building confidence within myself, building leadership characteristics and improving my work ethic over the years. With the community that Rise has developed ever since they started, they continue to instil the mentality of wanting players to improve themselves both on and off the court each and every day.


Thanks to Coach Kelvin, Alejandra, and the whole Rise family. I've been blessed with the opportunity to attend Canada Topflight Academy West and commit to Grant MacEwan University.

4 Year Rise Athlete

Bishop McNally High School Alumni

Two Time Div 1 High School City Champion

2020 - 2021 CTA West Prep Academy Alumni 

Grant MacEwan Mens Basketball 2021 - Present

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