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Want to reach athletic excellence?

The development program will get players there!

Rise Basketball Youth Development League runs all year round and is a program designed to fully transform young players with little to intermediate playing experience looking to begin training in the sport of Basketball.  Here, coaches will get to assess the skill level of each athlete, develop body mechanics and correct unwanted habits.

Program Focus

  • Ball Control & Handling

  • Passing & Catching

  • Coordination & Footwork

  • Shooting

  • Small group/team games to teach the fundamentals of organized gameplay.

  • Sport Specific skills such as layups, boxing out, defence, spacing and much more.

  • 1 Hour Sessions

  • Co-Ed (Boys & Girls Mixed)

We realize that as the program progresses, so does the abilities and skills of the players enrolled and so we created an advanced program for players who have been assessed and evaluated through previous Rise programs and have shown they are ready for more advanced instruction.

   RISE Development



  • 6 weeks regular season

  • 2 weeks of play-off season

  • 4 practices per month (1 hr/wk)

  • 4 intramural games per month (1 hr/wk)


  • Uniform (reversible shorts & tops) 

  • Player of the Game Awards

  • Hustle Awards


  • Emphasis on "fun" of the sport

  • Focus on Further Learning the Rules of Basketball

  • Learning the Basics in Ball Control and Ball Handling

  • Learning Coordination and Footwork

  • Developing Shooting Abilities


THE GOAL: Become a rise basketball star.


When available, Rise will run programs specifically catering to Advanced Athletes.

Please note that should a player register into an advanced program and is later assed by a coach and found to require further fundamental development, we will remove the player from the program and place him in the appropriate level. If you are unsure if you should register into a program, please register into the program of your choice and a coach will determine if you are ready for the level of instruction chosen.

Advanced Programs are Seasonal and limited openings will be available.

Players Registering into Advanced training:

  • Display an understanding of the rules

  • Display attention to details during drills

  • Emphasis on "competition" of the sport

  • Display advancement in agility and movement mechanics

  • Display understanding of more advanced footwork

  • Ready for more advanced ball handling drills

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